Required Documents

Please note that we will require the following documents from you in order to process your application properly:

Particulars of Divorce

Particulars of Divorce (Your grievances against your spouse/reasons for demanding divorce)

  1. Please set out your statement on a separate piece of paper.
  2. If possible write your statement in English.
  3. Be clear and concise, providing full details of the problems.
  4. If possible type/print your statement; otherwise be sure it is clearly written.
  5. Begin by addressing the Sharee Council panel, e.g. Dear Sharee Council panel.
  6. At the end of your statement:
    • Print your full name
    • Sign and date (all the pages of the statement)
    (If you have used more than one piece’ of paper for your statement please number each page.)
  7. Forward the original statement with the completed application form (keep copies of all documents for your own records.)
  8. A copy of your statement will be sent to the respondent.

Proof of Identification

We require one form of photographic proof confirming your identity. This may be:

  • A valid Passport
  • A Current Full UK Driving license
  • Residence Permit issued by Home Office
  • EEA member state ID card
  • National Identity Card containing your photograph

A copy of any of the above documents will be accepted.

Marriage Certificate

Please send a copy of your Islamic marriage certificate or a copy of registration.


Copy of Decree Nisi or Absolute

If applicable.

Documents Confirming Legal Injunction

If you have an injunction against your spouse preventing him from contacting you, please notify us and provide copies of any documents confirming this.

Contact Us

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